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We are glad you found us!  We are a unique handmade and repurpose shop located in Brunswick Georgia.  We carry many items created by talented local crafters and artists. 

We offer consignment rental space in our shop.  If you make unique handmade items and need a place to showcase and sell them, come talk to us.

We also carry many repainted furniture pieces and we offer CUSTOM FURNITURE PAINTING SERVICES at great prices!  Let us transform and bring your old piece of furniture back to life! Visit us for a quote and see some of our finished pieces HERE!

Come create with us!! We offer many creative crafting classes, including furniture painting workshops where we  teach you how to mix and use your own CHALK PAINT and transform your furniture pieces yourself.  CLICK HERE for more details! 

Stop by soon and JOIN US for all the CREATIVE FUN at 

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  So, what is this "Websters Chalk Paint Powder" ?

Websters Chalk Paint Powder was created to answer your need for affordable Chalk Paint!

**Months and months of research went into creating a product that could be added to regular latex paint ~ any brand, any color.

**A product that would eliminate the need for most sanding and priming. How awesome is that????

**A paint that STUCK beautifully yet sanded smooth.

**A durable surface that was also a "soft" finish.

**A healthy, all natural alternative to the home made recipes for chalk paint you read all over the internet.

Why choose Websters Chalk Paint Powder for your next project???  It is rather simple - - CHOICES!!! COLOR CHOICES! AND the same great quality of any other pre-mixed CHALK PAINTS on the market!  Mix the colors and amount you want/need!  Affordable and easy!!  Makes perfect sense to us and we think you will love it as well!

We are a proud Retailer of Websters Chalk Paint Powder at The Southern Sass Creations in Brunswick Ga, so stop by and pick some up soon!!!!!!